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Wedding Car Hire, Vintage Or Modern?

When it comes to hiring a wedding car for your big day, there is a huge selection of vehicles to choose from. One way to narrow your choice down is to decide whether you are interested in a vintage vehicle or a more modern option, as each will have it’s own benefits and drawbacks. In this blog, we will help you to decide which type works best for you so that your wedding day is perfect from the moment you arrive until the very end.

Vintage Wedding Car Hire

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Modern Vehicle?

Modern vehicles are a common choice for weddings these days due to several key features which you don’t always find on a vintage car. When choosing a modern vehicle, you have much more choice as there are many different makes and models available, ranging from limousines to Bentleys and even sports cars, so you can choose a vehicle that matches your personality and style perfectly.

Reliability will also be a benefit to choosing a modern vehicle as vintage cars tend to break down more often and it can be a challenge to find a replacement at such short notice if your provider does not have multiple. A reliable wedding car hire company, such as Prestige Carriages, will always have a backup vehicle so that your day runs smoothly, no matter what.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Vintage Vehicle?

Vintage vehicles are often a great choice for your wedding transportation as they are beautiful and they can match your venue perfectly, especially if it is an older location such as a church or hall. These vehicles often contain larger and more comfortable seats with finer details too as they have been looked after carefully for many years which is why they are still operational today. You are guaranteed to draw the attention of everybody around when riding in a vintage vehicle, for this reason, we ensure that our vehicles are maintained to the highest standard.

Choose A Vehicle Which Fits Your Budget

Weddings are already expensive events, so the last thing you want is for your wedding car to take up a large portion of your budget. Vintage cars can often be more expensive to hire than modern vehicles due to the increased maintenance costs as well as the increased costs involved with running the less fuel-efficient engines. It is worth considering that you may need more than one vehicle if you are also travelling with your loved ones, a quality wedding car hire company such as Prestige Carriages will have several vehicles for you to utilise if necessary.

Have You Considered Electric Vehicles?

One option which has become more and more popular is the use of electric vehicles. These cars can provide you with a quiet and comfortable entrance to your wedding whilst also providing a host of technological benefits inside the car. Without the need for a front grill or an exhaust pipe, electric vehicles can be very elegant and stylish whilst also ensuring your big day is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Modern Wedding Car Hire

Your Car Hire Company Can Help!

If you have utilised a reputable car hire company for your big day, you can always ask about the vehicle choice so that you can get the opinion of a professional who may understand your specific needs. You may even end up considering a vehicle that you had not thought about previously. Different businesses will have different prices for vehicles and this will likely affect your final decision.

If the business you choose has been operating for many years, they will likely have reviews that you can read, as other people will have left their thoughts and experiences for you to learn from. This can be highly beneficial as they may mention things that would only be noticed by somebody who has personally used the service themselves.

The Most Important Factor

By far the most important factor in your decision is simply which car you personally like the best, as the most important thing is to ensure that you are happy on your big day. Sometimes, the most practical, comfortable and cost-effective option is simply not the one you want, and that is okay, everybody has their own tastes and preferences and no guide can ever change those. Our team at Prestige Carriages would love to provide the exact vehicle you need and we are always happy to discuss your preferences and requirements, so contact our team today and choose the vehicle to make your day truly special.

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